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Your Review: Do wash balls work - Yes/No?

There is some controversy to wash balls. The claims of their effects are so bold that you can not help to doubt if these things really work or are they just a scam. Especially since they are often sold by different marketing pyramids and net marketing plans. These sound suspicious to me right away. On the other hand they are also sold by different eco and green shops who mostly take great pride in their product range and are careful about what they sell.

So, this is the post for your wash balls reviews. What do you think? Do you maybe use wash balls at home? How do you like the results?

Please share your review and experiences in the comments! (I'll go first :) )


  1. I have been using the wash balls for about 2 months now. I am not a stay at home mom or in the bussines of washing clothes or selling wash balls :). So I try not to keep to much attention on the washing efficiency of my washing machine, my detergent and my new wash balls. In other words - there would have to be a really big different for me to notice. But I can say that I have not seen like any major turn for the worse since I have been using the balls.

    Maybe one more thing - I do add a little bit of washing detergent because I like the smell.

  2. we have been using wash balls for a week or so and they have "worked" fine. Can't say they work better, but can't say they don't. Instead of adding detergen, we add a little white vinegar and some salt and the cloth comes out preaty nice and with a nice smell, not a vinegar one.

    With dificult stains, we have used detergent.

  3. I have been using Wash balls (magnetic ones) for a month now. I was so excited not to buy/use detergent bleach or softner when washing. My first week I was staisfied. It didn;t clean the whites too great but then read you need to soak them to release the fibers first so I will try that but my towels were soft and fluffy. I didn't smell any fragrance but it smelled clean.

    Second week pretty much the same but then I took a closer smell to the arm pits of my sons t-Shirts and work shirts and it was not pretty. Maybe I put too many shirts in one load I am going to break it down and see if that makes a difference. If not then I will add a little detergent with them like I read someone else did. But doesn't that defeat the purpose? At least I don't have to use softner.

    Third week again was not impressed with my whites. need to experiment some more. I'm not giving up completely.

    I liked saving money saving the environment and the idea is fabulous.

    Will keep you posted...

  4. I had bee using the wash ball for a week now. I am truly amazed with the result. I use it in hand-washing clothes, the effect is very remarkable. Clean smelling clothes without sunlight!

  5. I have used the balls in the past then abandoned and went back to Ecover. I found the smell left in the armpits just too bad and a staleness to all the clothes.
    I decided to advertise the balls on Freegle to get rid of them and received a reply from someone who could supply some tips to get better results. I have sinced cleaned the machine through on a vinegar cycle and the got rid of the brown old soap residue and scum (very unpleasant job) from the door seal. Maybe this was comtributing to the musty smell.
    Having read around the web I shall now try again but put some vinegar in the wash as well to combat the arm pit smell. Bicarb of soda is also supposed to help as well

  6. I'm very happy with the Green Wash laundry ball I purchased for $13.46 from I now use Rinse/Spin cycle for most of our loads which are light soil anyway. Saving $$$ is always nice. For heavy soil? I still think it's effective on regular wash cycle in our High Efficiency Whirlpool washer.

  7. I'm thinking about buying a washball, but i havent decided yet what kind to buy. I would be gratefull if the people posting their experience here could also include the type or brand name of the washball they are using. Thanks :-)

  8. I love the washing ball. My whites are actually whiter, and my clothes fade less. You do have to rub a lil detergent on touch stains, but I don't mind that since using this way my clothes last longer.

  9. I have been using my wash ball for about two months and I just love them. I have noticed if i use hot water they work much better. For instance my dish towels always smell nasty, not very bad after i wash them on sanitary cycle on my new front loader,. But when i used the wash balls they never smelled again after washing them on the sanitary cycle. I never use laundry detergent on my clothes anymore. They smell wonderful to me.

  10. I use the smart klean ball and it has been nothing short of A-MAZING! I've been using it for 11 months now and it works great!

    Btw, I've done the tests with ph balance strips, and YES it raises the PH balance to about 8.4 after 15 mins, so that alone will tell you it works better than just washing with water. I normally add a little vinegar & sea salt and sometimes baking soda for very dirty clothes but most of the time i just use the ball alone and it gets the job done, and well! For stains I use sodium perborate, a much more healthier and eco-friendlier powder for removing tough stains in comparison to leading stain remover products.

  11. I have used the clay eco balls for over a year and am happy with them for light soiled clothes, they keep the whites white although I spray smalls with vinegar/bicarb mix. I use two at a time in a net so if they break open they don't go everywhere. I have noticed that when I do use detergent the clothes are sometimes marked with bits of clay residue and need rinsing again but I will try the vinegar cylcle to clean my machine occasionally and see if this helps stop that happening. They save time and money for sure and detergent doesn't always perform well anyway.

  12. I bought my wash balls about 4 months ago. I use 2 in my washer all the time seeing as I bought them as a pair. I was pleasantly surprised. Everything seems to come out as clean as it did with detergent. I've got sensitive skin so I could use only one or two different detergents without getting a rash. Since switching to the Nifty Stuff wash ball I've not had any rashes. Someone in an earlier comment asked where to purchase the wash balls. I'm in Canada so I bought them at I saw another brand being sold in Canada but the price was $45 each. I got 2 for that price at NiftyStuff. From the pictures they look like the same ball.

    The real test I did a couple days after getting the ball, I washed my pet's dog bed. It had never been washed in two years so it was pretty dirty and stinky, to say the least. The 'wool' parts came out clean and off-white like new. There was absolutely no smell. That really surprised me. I didn't add anything but the 2 wash balls. that's what convinced me.

    For stains I add a spot cleaner as I've always done when I used detergent. I've noticed no fading of my black jeans so I no longer use detergents made specifically for dark clothes.

    All-in-all I'm very pleased. I can't say they work any better than detergent but they definatly work as well.