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Wash Balls

I made this blog because I started using wash balls instead of detergent for washing my clothes in the washing machine a while ago. When I got the wash ball I though - wow how cool, this is a really cool invention that I wanted to share it with others. A goofy looking orb that I put between my clothes and it completely replaces detergent, keeps the environment clean and saves me some money.

So I collected some information about wash balls:

First a short explanation what are the so called eco wash balls, there are also a few pictures so you can see how do they look like.

Then there are three questions that everyone wants answered. If you want to start using them you need to know how do the balls work, then why would you use washing balls in the first place

Later I have found out that there is quite a bit of controversy about them - do wash balls really work or are they just a scam? I have been using them for a while and I am satisfied. I do use a little bit of detergent with them because I like the smell of the clothes washed with the detergent. But I collected some information about wash balls being a scam. Check it out and decide for yourself.

And finally - I wanted to hear from other people using them. I mean there is only little information available on-line about these balls so I want to get some input, some user reviews so we can decide if they work or not. So please share your wash ball review and submit your vote in the poll in the right sidebar of this website. Oh, and if you have any other suggestions, questions or remarks - please leave them in the comments.